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Integrative Approach

We use cutting edge therapies to effectively mitigate and eliminate the causes of your pain completely.

Custom Treatment Plans

We tailor your treatment plans based on the root causes of your pain in order to effectively treat the problem. NOT mask your symptoms.

Comprehensive Consultations

We tailor your treatment plans based on the root causes of your pain in order to effectively treat the problem. NOT mask your symptoms.


About Us

Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas uses devices and technology to help manage and control your chronic pain. Living with chronic pain affects every aspect of your life, from the ability to sleep through the night to enjoying your child’s soccer game. Your daily schedule revolves around when you feel well enough to move about, or the opposite when you can’t get out of bed due to such high levels of pain. Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas understands your desire to return to a normal, active lifestyle and wants to help you take control of your pain and get back to living your best life.

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms?
Back Pain

If you’ve suffered some form of back injury or any number of other back issues, chances are you’re now suffering from back pain. You likely always feel stiff and sore whether you’re standing, walking, sitting, or even lying down. Bending or twisting is difficult if not impossible, robbing you of your freedom of movement and keeping you from doing the things you love.

Head and Neck Pain​

Do you get dull headaches that gradually progress into throbbing migraines complete with light sensitivity and nausea? Does the pain and nausea get so intense that it’s completely debilitating? Or maybe you suffer from sharp pain in your neck that radiates into your head or shoulders. Head and neck pain are two other very common conditions. Fortunately, both are very treatable.

Hip, Knee & Leg Pain

Your hips, knees, and legs bear the greater part of your body’s weight during almost every activity. Because of this, pain in these areas is common, especially as we age and put on a few extra pounds. It can also be the result of normal joint wear and tear, or past injuries. Regardless of how your pain originated, it has certainly hampered your ability to do the activities you love doing most.


What Is Chronic pain?

Pain is considered chronic if it continues to affect your daily life after an illness and/or injury.   Chronic Pain can happen daily or flare up periodically over months to years.  In most cases, pain is considered chronic if it has lasted 6 months or more.  It may be caused by physical, psychological, and environmental factors and include painful diagnoses such as back pain, migraine headaches, diabetic neuropathy, arthritic pain and pain due to muscular disorders.

Chronic Pain Programs are a relatively new and innovative approach to the treatment of this type of pain.  The goal of our program is to give you the therapies needed to manage and control your pain and more importantly improve your ability to function daily with minimal pain.   

Find out if you qualify for NPC’s Chronic Pain Program

We use the latest technology, techniques, and combined therapies to:

  • Reduce Daily Pain
  • Increase Physical Strength and Stamina
  • Resume Everyday Activities
  • Eliminate the Use of Pain Medications
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